Web World Wind is a free, open-source virtual globe for web pages. Written in JavaScript, Web World Wind enables web page and web application builders to quickly create interactive visualizations of geographic information on an interactive 3D globe or 2D map. Web World Wind provides an API that enables JavaScript programs to control every detail of visualization and interaction. Web World Wind runs on all major operating systems, desktop and mobile devices, and web browsers.

Web World Wind provides a rich set of features for displaying and interacting with geographic information. Because Web World Wind is completely open-source and designed to be extensible, extending the API and functionality is simple and easy to do.

General Features

  • Open-source, high-performance, 3D virtual globe (WGS84) for web pages and web applications
  • 2D Map mode with selectable and extensible map projections
  • JavaScript API for automating all aspects of interaction and visualization
  • Large collection of built-in high-resolution imagery and terrain
  • Display high-resolution imagery, terrain and geographic data from any public or private source
  • Supports REST, WMS and Bing
  • Large collection of geometric and geographic shapes for representing information
  • Navigation and Viewing, Picking
  • Display multiple globes and maps on the same page
  • Simple to use, extend and modify

Graphics Capabilities

  • Placemark, Path and Curtain, Polygon and Extruded Polygon, Text
  • Terrain conforming shapes: Path, Polygon, Ellipse, Circle, Quadrilateral, Square
  • Imagery: JPEG, PNG
  • Graticules
  • Shapefiles

Upcoming Features

  • KML and Collada, FBX
  • Measurement, Line of Sight, Analytic Surface
  • Subsurface Visualization
  • Shapes: Airspaces, Mil-Std 2525

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